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  • This appliance is used to expand growing arches and align crowded teeth in children, which can often prevent the need to extract permanent teeth.
  • Your Crozat appliance is to be worn 24 hours a day. It should be worn during eating, sleeping and all other normal activities.
  • Do not play with the appliance with your tongue.
  • Some tenderness will be felt in the teeth and gums for a couple of days following the placement or adjustment of this removable appliance.
  • It should only be removed during tooth brushing and some contact sports when a mouth guard must be worn.
  • Brush your Crozat into place with your teeth, this will break it.
  • Avoid: Gum, hard or sticky candies, whole applies, carrots, hard bread crust and chewing on ice or bones.
  • Report a damaged or lost appliance to the office immediately so we may repair or replace it.


  • When brushing, be sure to move your toothbrush into the teeth and gums at a 45 degree angle cleaning both front and back of teeth.
  • Flossing is very important. You will have to use floss threaders and loop it under the wire between two teeth at a time, scraping both sides.
  • If you have a sport that catches or cuts the floss, please let us know so that we can smooth it for you.
  • Avoid eating very hard/crunchy things such as ice and candy. Apples and carrots should be cut up into small pieces and placed in the back of teeth.
  • Please call us right away if you notice any looseness in your retainer, poking or shifting of your teeth.


  • Separators or spacers are used to make a little space between two teeth.
  • It is very important that the separators stay in place until your next appointment. Please check them after you brush your teeth to make sure they are still in place.
  • Continue to floss everyday but avoid flossing where the separators are placed.
  • Watch what you eat! Sticky or chewy foods may cause a separator to come out. If you notice that one has come out, please call our office so that we can replace it.


  • This cemented expander widens the upper jaw and helps correct the crowding by redirecting the eruption of the primary and permanent teeth into a wider arch form.
  • You may have trouble speaking with this new expander, so practice reading out loud.
  • It will be difficult eating with the expander at first, so take small bites of soft foods until you get used to the expander.
  • You will notice a space open between your two front teeth; this will eventually be closed with braces before the Quad Helix come off.
  • DO NOT eat crunchy, hard, sticky or chewy foods. Doing this will break the expander.
  • DO NOT use your tongue or fingers to play with the wire, this could bend the expander and stop it from working OR even more your teeth in the wrong direction.
  • Brush your teeth as you would normally, paying special attention to where the wire sits against your teeth and gums. You will notice the print of the expander on your tongue, this is normal. Please don’t forget to brush your tongue and floss daily.



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